This is for the kids who have no where to turn Who have nothing to live for You think you haven't the will to persist You have to search within yourself

All the work that you've done in vain Been overlooked and taken for granted Only you can end your suffering You must be honest with yourself You have nothing left to lose You feel that everyone's out to get you Been beaten down but the hate still breathes Confined by consequences, it's your soul you must release

It's our struggles that define us And the hardships we endure Your spirit can't be broken now You've come too far

All your life You told yourself you were never alone All your time Spent on the problems that have no solution In your mind Giving up was never an option Out of spite Hold onto the hate that has helped you stay focused

You are one but you're never alone You can't atone for every promise you've broken In this moment there's no way you will fail You must be honest with yourself Use your pain to achieve your goals Make amends while you can and stay focused You can't be burdened by your lack of control Never stray from the path you have chosen

(It's our struggles...)

(All your life...)

(This is for the kids...)

This spirit can't be broken [x3] It's who you are

(It's our struggles...)

Forever Forever Forever convicted [x2]

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