Band Info
OriginMaryland, USA
Years-Active1989 - 1991
Genre(s)thrash metal
heavy metal
Speed metal
Label(s)Atlantic Recording Corporation
Associated Acts{{{7}}}

The U. S. band of Wrathchild (there was also a U. K. band of the same name) were doing very well in their local scene of Maryland performing regular power metal. They were led by Brad Divens on guitar and vocals and Shannon Larkin on drums, along with a bassist and two guitarists.

However, once Jay Abbene and Terry Carter joined on guitars, and Divens switched to bass, the band radically changed to thrash metal.

The band worked for five years before they were signed to Atlantic Recording Corporation[1] and released their debut of Climbin’ The Walls in 1989. Unfortunately the U. K. band of Wrathchild sued, so their name had to be changed to Wrathchild America.

The band toured with Testament before recording their sophomore outing of 3-D, which was released in 1991. Along with a continued sense of humor that was hinted at on their debut, they also branched off into raggae, slow and jazz parts on the release. They played with Pantera on the Cowboys and Idiots tour to promote the album[1].

Unfortunately probably due to an extensive ad promotion of their debut and releasing videos (“Climbin’ The Walls”, “Surrounded By Idiots”, “Spy”), yet that didn’t result in very big sales for the band, along with the lawsuit, Wrathchild America were dropped from their label after 3-D, which they changed their name to Souls At Zero and concentrated more on a straight groove, rather than a thrash metal style.

Unfortunately after only two full-length albums and an E. P. release on Energy Records, Inc., the band broke up, with members branching off into various other projects.



Past members (as Wrathchild)Edit

  • ??–guitar
  • ??–guitar
  • ??-bass


YouTube video of the original Wrathchild being interviewed


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