With Blood Comes Cleansing
Band Info
OriginAlbany, Georgia, United States
Label(s)Blood and Ink Records, Victory Records
Associated ActsRemove the Veil{{{9}}}

With Blood Comes Cleansing was an American Christian deathcore band hailing from Albany, Georgia.


With Blood Comes Cleansing started in February 2005. After touring, several member changes, and releasing a 6-song EP, With Blood Comes Cleansing signed on with Virginia-based Blood & Ink Records in February 2006.[1] That summer they released their first full-length album, Golgotha. Since then, the band has been touring, and recently moved to a bigger record label, Victory Records, in February 2007. They released their second album, Horror, in January 2008, through Victory Records.

On 10 July 2008, With Blood Comes Cleansing decided to stop touring full time and focus on their personal endeavors. Dean moved to Chicago, IL with his wife Therese but has recently returned to South Georgia. Dennis, Scott and Spence are all living in Albany, GA as well. Michael and Jeremy currently live in Atlanta, GA. The band continues to play shows whenever possible but has no future plans to make a comeback or release any new records. Michael and Dean will be sharing the responsibility of vocalist.


Final line-up
  • Matt Fidler - Drums
  • Dennis Frazier - Bass
  • Jeremy Sims - Guitar
  • Scott Erickson - Guitar
  • Dean Atkinson - Vocals
Former members
  • Doug McMillan - Bass
  • Jon Stripling - Bass
  • Spence Erickson - Drums
  • Mike Sasser - Vocals
  • Greg Titus - Bass
  • Tyler Holt - Guitar


Studio albums

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