We Are the Void
We Are the Void
Album info
ReleaseFebruary 24, 2010
RecordedAugust 28, 2009 – October 14, 2009
Drums and Bass (Gothenburg Rock Studios)
Guitars, Vocals and Keyboards (Rogue Music)
GenreMelodic death metal
LabelCentury Media
ProducerDark Tranquillity

We Are the Void is the ninth full-length studio album by Swedish melodic death metal band, Dark Tranquillity. It is their first and only album with bassist, Daniel Antonsson who joined in 2008 and left in 2013.

The band began writing for this album in late 2008 (except for the majority of "Iridium" which was written sometime between 1996-1998 but was left out until this album), all the way up to its recording and is considered to be the second part to their previous album, Fiction, as it continued many of the latter's elements, including the Drop B tuning that was largely present and the clean vocals Mikael Stanne re-introduced on that album.

The band also began to release songs from this album on their MySpace page starting with "Dream Oblivion" on December 21, 2009, "At the Point of Ignition" on January 14, 2010 and finally the entire album was available for free streaming on February 19, 2010.

Music videos were released for "Shadow in Our Blood" on February 10, 2010 and "In My Absence" on February 22, 2012.

Track listingEdit

# Track title Length
1. "Shadow in Our Blood" 3:46
2. "Dream Oblivion" 3:50
3. "The Fatalist" 4:33
4. "In My Absence" 4:47
5. "The Grandest Accusation" 4:55
6. "At the Point of Ignition" 3:53
7. "Her Silent Language" 3:33
8. "Arkhangelsk" 3:56
9. "I Am the Void" 3:59
10. "Surface the Infinite" 3:50
11. "Iridium" 6:43


Dark Tranquillity
  • Mikael Stanne - Vocals.
  • Anders Jivarp - Drums.
  • Martin Brändström - Electronics, Keyboards.
  • Daniel Antonsson - Bass.
  • Martin Henriksson - Guitars.
  • Niklas Sundin - Guitars.
  • Hasse Kosonen - Engineering
  • Daniel Antonsson - Engineering
  • Martin Brändström - Engineering
  • Stefan Wibbeke - Artwork
  • Katja Kuhl - Photography
  • Tue Madsen - Mixing
  • Niklas Sundin - Cover art
  • Anders Björler - Producer & editor (dvd)

Release historyEdit

  • Sweden: 24 February 2010
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Italy & Australia: 26 February
  • U.K., France, Greece, Denmark and Norway: 1 March
  • Spain and Portugal: 2 March
  • Finland and Hungary: 3 March
  • North America: 9 March

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