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Waking the Cadaver
Band Info
OriginShore Points, New Jersey, USA
Genre(s)Brutal death metal
Label(s)Siege of Amida, Necroharmonic Productions
Associated ActsDeath to Honor, The Adept, Mortal Decay{{{9}}}

Waking the Cadaver is a Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore band from Sayreville, New Jersey that formed circa-2006. Throughout their career, they released one demo and two studio albums; WTC released their sophomore effort, Beyond Cops. Beyond God, under the Siege of Amida label ("SOAR" for short) on August 10, 2010. The band is currently in the process of issuing their third album, Real-Life Death.

It should be noted that Waking the Cadaver is a highly panned group in the metal industry. For the reasons why this is, for instance, browse here. Go under the "Albums" section.


Current Members
  • John Hartman - Electric guitar (2011-present)
  • Steve Vermilyea - Bass (2006-present)
  • Don Campan - Vocals (2006-present)
  • Mike Mayo - Electric guitar (2008-present)
  • Dennis Morgan - Drums (2006-present)
Former Members
  • Rob Wharton - Electric guitar
  • Jerry Regan - Electric guitar (2006-2008)
  • Nick Palmateer - Electric guitar (2006-2008)
  • Tristan Graham - Electric guitar
  • Alex Castrillon - Electric guitar (2008-2009)


  • Perverse Recollections of a Necromangler (2007)
  • Beyond Cops. Beyond God (2010)
  • Real-Life Death (2013)


  • Lumped Up - (2013)

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