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  1. The End (2000)
  2. August Burns Red (2001)
  3. DethKlok (2002)
  4. Becoming the Archetype (2003)
  5. Blood Has Been Shed (2004)
  6. Hatebreed (2005)
  7. Killswitch Engage (2006)
  8. Death (2007)
  9. Sworn Enemy (2008)
  10. Gwar (2009)
  11. Annihilation by the Hands of God (2010)



User info

Maggots (MAGGOTS)
Background Information
Also known as Death
Genre Death metal
Melodic death metal
Death 'n' roll
Origin California, US
Years active 2000-present
Labels Red Roses Records
EriK Frillery
Vanessa Anne Hudgens
Corilynn Woods
Cassandra "Cassy" Mely
Andrew McClane
Alec Holum


  • Hello I am part of a great community and thanks for welcoming me please enjoy reading about the articles I have made.
Hello I'm going on break and well you can have fun with stuff I made (read 'em) so please excuse my vow of absense so please see these others wikis
I have returned now.


Did you Know...?

Did you know?:

I have one email account and twent family members that use it since there's was completely crashed it was dead in a year ands now they use mine I can organize thinks quick it may not look that easy for some but I get one-thousand emails per day try ornagizing that, so, I have deleted a total of 40,000 emails and, I have been deleting'em since August 7, 2005 and well I have deleted so many there starting die and, I have no inapprotiate one's anymore I emailed many porno website's saying: "I would love it if you stop emailing me, so can you stop it?" and well they said "Sure!" and well I hadn't had since Semptember 15, 2007 and, I have many well I still get porno one's and well I trying to keep's doing this stuff and well I have had enough when I found out it was my brother-in-law my sister divourced him though cause she got him with another women


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(By lack of usage, I mean not contributing for over a year.)

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  • Yeah yeah! it's a great privilege I love all metal wikian's and I love Demon Hunter I thank my mother and father (there is no point in thanking them!), my ex-girlfriend's, my friend's and many other's like TV, movie's and book's and God. I prayed to become admin and well I am doing good so far! and I love you user's and I am greatly happy right now! --(talk)

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