Use Once and Destroy
Use Once and Destroy
Album info
ReleaseMay 21, 2002
RecordedBalance Recordings Studios, Mandeville, Louisiana
GenreSludge metal, crossover thrash
ProducerDave Fortman

Use Once and Destroy is the first release from extreme metal band Superjoint Ritual. It was recorded in lead singer Phil Anselmo's barn turned recording studio in Louisiana. The guitar and bass work was done by Phil Anselmo and Eyehategod's Jimmy Bower. Drumming was performed by Joe Fazzio. For touring bass duties, Superjoint Ritual recruited Hank Williams III. Anselmo did not want to play bass live because he wanted to focus mainly on singing. Use Once and Destroy is a slightly different approach to music than the work of Pantera, one of Phil Anselmo's other bands.

Re-released in 2006 by Sanctuary / Mayan Records feature with bonus tracks. Comes on first 1.000 copies in USA, on all limited copies in UK, and on all copies reissue.

Music videosEdit

"Fuck Your Enemy" had a music video, directed by Jim Van Bebber. With its short song length, it found considerable airplay on Uranium throughout 2003. The black & white video begins by passing a door with a sign that reads "Hippies use side door." It then features the band performing in a small room with its walls covered in music posters and logos. Brief shots have the band humorously playing air guitar and drums before reverting to actual instrument performance footage. The song title would be censored as "F*** Your Enemy".

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Oblivious Maximus"   2:33
2. "It Takes No Guts"   2:06
3. "Everyone Hates Everyone"   3:49
4. "The Introvert"   3:46
5. "The Alcoholik"   2:30
6. "Fuck Your Enemy"   1:40
7. "4 Songs"   6:18
8. "Messages"   2:01
9. "All of Our Lives Will Get Tried"   3:21
10. "Antifaith"   2:14
11. "Ozena"   3:56
12. "Drug Your Love"   2:51
13. "Haunted Hated"   2:40
14. "Stupid, Stupid Man"   2:33
15. "Creepy Crawl"   1:54
16. "Superjoint Ritual"   6:34


Superjoint RitualEdit


  • Dave Fortman - Engineering, Mixing, Producer
  • Mark Casselman - Mastering
  • Joe Fazzio - Artwork, Design
  • Keith Neltner - Design
  • Neil Zlozower - Photography

Chart positionsEdit

Album - Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Position
2002 The Billboard 200 87
2002 Top Independent Albums 5


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