Band Info
OriginBrooklyn, New York, United States
Genre(s)Experimental metal, post-metal
Label(s)Relapse Records, Level Plane Records, Blackbox Recordings
Associated ActsAnodyne, Asra, The Heuristic, Speedloader, Twin Lords, Versoma{{{9}}}

Tombs is an experimental metal band from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 2007. Thus far, the group has released three full-length records, Winter Hours, Path of Totality and Savage Gold.


The group was founded by guitarist/vocalist Mike Hill, bassist Domic Seita and drummer Justin Ennis in 2007. In 2009, the group released their first full-length album, Winter Hours through Relapse Records, and in 2011, released their second full-length album and most recent release, Path of Totality.[1] The album was met with critical acclaim. A song titled "Ashes" was featured in the Decibel Magazine October 2012 issue as a part of its Flexi-Series.[2] On August 29, 2012, another song titled "Heroes", originally by David Bowie, was made available for streaming on Ghettoblaster.[3] According to Mike Hill, the band has half an albums worth of material already written, with the hopes of entering the studio early 2013 to record their next release.[4] Tracking for their third record, Savage Gold, began on November 11, 2013 with producer Erik Rutan at Mana Recording Studios in Florida.[5] On March 27, 2014, the tracklisting, album artwork and release date for Savage Gold were revealed.[6]

Musical style and influencesEdit

The band's sound has been described as a combination of multiple metal styles, styles which include black metal, hardcore, doom metal, and sludge metal. Band front man Mike Hill does not regard their sound to be sludge metal. Rather, he has likened the group's sound to being more black metal inspired.[7] Citing influences, Hill has named bands such as Neurosis, Swans, Joy Division, Darkthrone, Black Flag, Deathspell Omega, Leviathan and Bauhaus, among others, as being influential to the group's sound.[8]


Band membersEdit


  • Mike Hill - guitar, vocals (2007-present)
  • Andrew Hernandez II - drums (2009-present)
  • Garett Bussanick - guitar (2013-present)
  • Ben Brand - bass (2013-present)


  • Dan Howard - guitar (2012)
  • Carson Daniel James - bass (2009-2012)
  • Justin Ennis - drums (2007-2009)
  • Dominic Seita - bass (2007-2008)


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