Tomas Lindberg
Musician Info
BornOctober 16, 1972(Age 39)
Years-Active1988 - Present
GenreAt the Gates
The Great Deceiver
The Crown
Liers in Wait
Lock Up
Notable InstrumentsVocals, Guitar, Bass
Associated acts'

Tomas "Tompa" Lindberg (born October 16, 1972 in Gothenburg) is a Swedish musician who has fronted many heavy metal bands. He has been active as a musician and composer since the late 1980s.[2] He teaches at a high school.[3]


He started as a vocalist in the band Grotesque under the name Goatspell. When Grotesque fell apart he started melodic death metal band At the Gates. At the Gates broke up after the 1995 release of the highly acclaimed Slaughter of the Soul album, but reformed in 2007. In 1995 Lindberg provided vocals for three tracks on Ceremonial Oath's "Carpet" while Anders Fridén (In Flames) provided vocals for the other four tracks.

Since then, Lindberg has been involved in many other diverse musical projects within the metal and punk scene. He has fronted Hide, The Crown, Disfear, Skitsystem and the grindcore supergroup Lock Up, in which he performed alongside Napalm Death members Shane Embury (bass) and Jesse Pintado (guitar) and former Dimmu Borgir drummer, Nicholas Barker. He also did vocals for the Stockholm-based Sacrilege GBG on their 1996 European tour due to the difficulty for drummer/vocalist Daniel Svensson (In Flames) to do both.

He is earning praise for his Gothenburg-based outfit, The Great Deceiver, far removed from his previous work — a product of the Gothenburg melodic death metal scene mixed with influences from artists such as The Cure and Joy Division.

More recently he has worked with the band Nightrage, but shortly after their second album Descent into Chaos was released in 2005, Lindberg left the band so that a more full-time vocalist (Antony Hämäläinen) could accompany them on tours and studio albums. Lindberg occasionally provides guest vocals as seen on Darkest Hour's "The Sadist Nation", Transistor Transistor's "Young Vampires of New Hampshire" 7", and on Slowmotion Apocalypse's, "The Blessing" on the 2007 'Obsidian' album.[4]

Decibel Magazine credits the logo of black metal band Darkthrone to be the work of Lindberg.[5]



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