Todd Strange
Musician Info
BornJanuary 31, 1966 (age 47)
GenreDown, Crowbar
Notable InstrumentsBass
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Todd Strange (born January 31, 1966) is the bassist who played on the first Down album NOLA and with Crowbar. Forming Crowbar with Kirk Windstein (Down), Matt Thomas and Craig Nunenmacher (Black Label Society), they released the best-selling albums of the band's discography. This included the Crowbar self-titled LP with the hits "All I Had (I Gave)", "Existence is Punishment", "No Quarter" (by Led Zeppelin) and "I Have Failed", produced by Phil Anselmo. By 1994, Phil put his band Pantera to the side and resurrected Down which was sidelined for Pantera in the late 1990s. The band released NOLA in reference to the band's hometown, New Orleans, Louisiana, and played 13 shows. Eventually, the album sold 500,000 copies and was certified Gold by the RIAA. Soon after, Phil returned to Pantera and Crowbar continued, and the two bands partnered up for tours in 1996. As a result, Todd, Kirk and the rest of Crowbar appear in Pantera's "Home Videos 3" in the credits, and Kirk and the band are seen in scenes including the notorious clip of Kirk dressed up as the Hulk. This event is also included in Crowbar's 1996 home video "Like Broken", but contains slightly different footage.

By the time Down reformed and Crowbar recorded "Sonic Excess in its Purest Form", Todd dropped completely out of music. He is currently working as a machine repair tech in River Ridge, Louisiana. Kirk Windstein played bass during the studio recording of NOLA, with Todd taking the role as live bass player.


With Crowbar
With Down

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