Those of the Unlight
Those of the Unlight
Album info
Release1 October 1993 (Standard)
April 4, 2006 (Reissue)
RecordedApril 1993 at Hellspawn Studios
GenreBlack metal
LabelOsmose Productions (Standard)
Regain Records (Reissue)

Those of the Unlight is the second studio album by Swedish black metal band Marduk. It was released in October 1993 by Osmose Productions, and reissued in digipak format on April 4, 2006 by Regain Records, with bonus videos of three songs performed live on August 12, 1993. It is the first album the band produced in a proper black metal style, as opposed to the blackened death metal approach of their 1992 debut, Dark Endless. Those of the Unlight is the last Marduk album to feature Joakim Göthberg on drums, as he would purely assume vocal duties by the next studio album, Opus Nocturne, and the last to feature Magnus "Devo" Andersson on guitar until his return in 2004 (where he assumed bass duties thereon).

"Burn My Coffin" was originally the title for a track that would appear on Mayhem's De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, the title was changed by Per Yngve Ohlin before he died. Marduk later adopted the title for the song on this album.


Track listingEdit

# Track title Length
1. "Darkness Breeds Immortality" 3:49
2. "Those of the Unlight" 4:43
3. "Wolves" 5:50
4. "On Darkened Wings" 4:16
5. "Burn My Coffin" 5:15
6. "A Sculpture of the Night" 3:29
7. "Echoes from the Past" 7:06
8. "Stone Stands Its Silent Vigil" 3:03
Bonus tracks
# Track title Length
9. "Darkness Breeds Immortality" (Live; Reissue video bonus track)
10. "A Sculpture of the Night" (Live; Reissue video bonus track)
11. "The Funeral Seemed to be Endless" (Live; Reissue video bonus track)


  • Joakim Göthberg – Vocals, Drums
  • Morgan Steinmeyer Håkansson – Guitar
  • Magnus "Devo" Andersson – Guitar
  • B. War – Bass
  • Dan Swanö – Mixing
  • Misja Baas - Cover art
  • Kim Osara - Layout
  • Kris Verwimp - Cover art (2006 Reissue)


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