This was the debut album from Death Angel, being mostly thrash metal, complete with many style and tempo changes (like right before the two minute mark on "Mistress of Pain"), along with screaming vocals for the most part (especially on "Kill As One"), although some are sung, shouted or growled, which the latter two are particularly apparent during the opening tune of "Thrashers". "Evil Priest" is a bit slower though, and there is clean guitar during the chorus of "Voracious Souls".

The title track is a 10 minute long instrumental, going through many riff and time changes, as it starts out with just a solo guitar, sounds somewhat classical when the other guitar joins in, then gets heavier and speeds up into thrash metal and such, and the album ends on a pretty different note with “I. P. F. S.", which starts out with a lone guitar, thrashes briefly, then ends with (what is assumed to be) members of Death Angel talking in cartoon-like voices (with a Donald Duck soundalike at the end) and what seems to be cursewords run backwards.

The album was released by Enigma in 1987.

Track ListEdit

  1. Thrashers
  2. Evil Priest
  3. Voracious Souls
  4. Kill As One
  5. The Ultra-Violence
  6. Mistress of Pain
  7. Final Death
  8. I. P. F. S.



The entire album was recorded in only three days, from June 15-17, 1986.


“Voracious Souls” video

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