The Secrets of the Black Arts
The Secrets of the Black Arts
Album info
ReleaseJanuary 28, 1996
RecordedJune 1995 at The Abyss Studios
GenreBlack metal
LabelNo Fashion
ProducerDark Funeral, Peter Tägtgren

The Secrets of the Black Arts is the debut album by Swedish black metal band Dark Funeral, released on January 28, 1996, by No Fashion Records. It was re-released on July 31, 2007, with a bonus disc consisting of the album original recording.

The original recording was produced by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios. According to Blackmoon, he insisted that they re-record the album due to "severely unprofessional production and manner from Mr. Swanö". He continued, "He was overworked and mentally tired when we came to the studio. Also, our then-drummer was not playing as good as he should have. So it ended up crap." The rest of the band was satisfied with the recording, but Blackmoon refused to release the album with that recording. They decided on The Abyss Studio and recorded the album that was eventually released to the public.[1]

A music video was shot for "The Secrets of the Black Arts".

Track listingEdit

# Track title Length
1. "The Dark Age Has Arrived" (intro) 0:16
2. "The Secrets of the Black Arts" 3:42
3. "My Dark Desires" 3:47
4. "The Dawn No More Rises" 4:00
5. "When Angels Forever Die" 4:07
6. "The Fire Eternal" 3:55
7. "Satan's Mayhem" 4:54
8. "Shadows over Transylvania" 3:41
9. "Bloodfrozen" 4:21
10. "Satanic Blood" (Von cover) 2:11
11. "Dark Are the Path to Eternity (A Summoning Nocturnal)" 5:59
Bonus disc with bonus tracks
# Track title Length
1. "Shadows over Transylvania" 3:22
2. "The Dawn No More Rises" 3:35
3. "The Secrets of the Black Arts" 3:23
4. "Satans Mayhem" 4:36
5. "Bloodfrozen" 3:34
6. "My Dark Desires" 3:11
7. "Dark Are the Path to Eternity (A Summoning Nocturnal)" 5:29
8. "The Fire Eternal" 3:41
9. "Call from the Grave" 4:31


Dark Funeral
  • Lord Ahriman – Guitars
  • Blackmoon – Guitars, Vocals on "Satanic Blood"
  • Themgoroth – Bass, Vocals
  • Equimanthorn – Drums


  1. Harding, Ryan. BLACK MOON 2001 Interview. Feo Amante. Retrieved on December 1, 2007.

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