The Quantum Enigma
The Quantum Enigma
Album info
ReleaseMay 2, 2014 (Europe)
May 5, 2014 (United Kingdom)
May 6, 2014 (North America)
RecordedSandlane Recording Facilities
Rijen, The Netherlands
(October 2013-January 2014)
GenreSymphonic metal
LabelNuclear Blast
ProducerJoost van den Broek

The Quantum Enigma is the sixth studio album by Dutch symphonic metal band Epica. It was released on May 2, 2014 by Nuclear Blast.[1] It is their first studio album with new bassist Rob van der Loo, who replaced Yves Huts in 2012.[2]

The album's cover artwork[3] is done by Stefan Heilemann,[4] who also did the cover artwork for the band's fourth and fifth albums.

Guitarist/vocalist Mark Jansen explains: "I have been listening to our new album and I can't get enough of it! It sounds more modern, but with all typical EPICA elements inside. Refreshing might be the right word. This album has also been the result of a real group effort." "It was great to see everyone being so motivated to create our best album!" "Even though the sound is more heavy (the guitars, bass and drums sound so brutal!!!), it's still a very catchy album as well. Some old influences from our earliest work, some references to 'Design Your Universe' and some new elements." "I can't wait 'till the moment you'll be able to listen to our newborn which makes us all very proud!"

EPICA returned to the stage on April 30 for a CD-release performance at 013 in Tilburg, The Netherlands.[5]

On March 18, "The Essence of Silence" was released as a single on iTunes (a.o.) in the United States.[6]

"Unchain Utopia" became the second single released on April 4. In an interview with the Sonic Cathedral Webzine,[7] vocalist Simone Simons had confirmed that a video for "Unchain Utopia" was set to be released soon. However, a lyric video was released instead, which features footage originally filmed for the music video.[8]

Track listingEdit

Disc 1 (Standard Edition)
# Track title Length
1. "Originem" 0:45
2. "The Second Stone" 5:10
3. "The Essence of Silence" 4:47
4. "Victims of Contingency" 3:31
5. "Sense Without Sanity" (The Impervious Code) 7:42
6. "Unchain Utopia" 4:47
7. "The Fifth Guardian" (Interlude) 3:04
8. "Chemical Insomnia" 5:12
9. "Reverence" (Living in the Heart) 5:02
10. "Omen" (The Ghoulish Malady) 5:28
11. "Canvas of Life" 5:28
12. "Natural Corruption" 5:24
13. "The Quantum Enigma" (Kingdom of Heaven Part II) 11:53
Bonus track
# Track title Length
14. "In All Consience"
15. "Dreamscape"
16. "Memento"
17. "Banish Your Illusion"


Disc 2 (Digipack and Earbook Only)
# Track title Length
1. "Canvas of Life" (Acoustic Version)
2. "In All Conscience" (Acoustic Version)
3. "Dreamscape" (Acoustic Version)
4. "Natural Corruption" (Acoustic Version)
Disc 3 (Earbook Only)
# Track title Length
1. "Originem" (Instrumental) 1:45
2. "The Second Stone" (Instrumental) 5:10
3. "The Essence of Silence" (Instrumental) 4:47
4. "Victims of Contingency" (Instrumental) 3:31
5. "Sense Without Sanity" (The Impervious Code - Instrumental) 7:42
6. "Unchain Utopia" (Instrumental) 4:47
7. "The Fifth Guardian" (Interlude - Instrumental) 3:04
8. "Chemical Insomnia" (Instrumental) 5:12
9. "Reverence" (Living in the Heart - Instrumental) 5:02
10. "Omen" (The Ghoulish Malady - Instrumental) 5:28
11. "Canvas of Life" (Instrumental) 5:28
12. "Natural Corruption" (Instrumental) 5:24
13. "The Quantum Enigma" (Kingdom of Heaven Part II - Instrumental) 11:53



Band members
Additional musicians
  • Kamerkoor (Chamber choir) PA'dam
    • Conductor – Maria van Nieukerken
    • Soprano – Alfrun Schmid, Frederique Klooster, Martha Bosch, Silvia da Silva Martinho, Annemieke Nuijten
    • Alto – Astrid Krause, Annette Stallinga, Annette Vermeulen, Karen Langendonk
    • Tenor – Daan Verlaan, Koert Braches, Ruben de Grauw
    • Bass – Andreas Goetze, Angus van Grevenbroek, Jan Douwes
  • Epica's Sandlane String Session
    • 1st violins – Ben Mathor, Marleen Wester, Ian de Jong, Emma van der Schalie, Merel Jonker
    • 2nd violins – Judith van Driel, Floortje Beljon, Loes Dooren, Vera van der Bie
    • Violas – Mark Mulder, Adriaan Breunis, Amber Hendriks
    • Celli – David Faber, Annie Tangberg, Jan Willem Troost, Thomas van Geelen
  • Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion) – backing vocals
  • Daniël de Jongh (Textures) – additional male vocals (13)


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