The Faceless
Band Info
OriginEncino, California, USA
Genre(s)Technical death metal
Label(s)Sumerian, The End
Associated ActsThe HAARP Machine, Abigial Williams, Animosity, Kamikabe{{{9}}}

The Faceless is an American technical death metal band from Encino, California. They released their debut album, Akeldama in November 2006, and a follow-up, Planetary Duality, in November 2008. The band's third album, Autotheism, was released on August 14, 2012.


The Faceless was formed in Encino, California by guitarist Michael Keene and bassist Brandon Giffin in 2004. They released their debut album Akeldama in 2006 and toured extensively with bands such as Necrophagist, Decapitated, Nile, and The Black Dahlia Murder. After touring, drummer Brett Batdorf left the band during the recording of Akeldama. Former drummer Nick Pierce, recorded the instrumental song, "Akeldama" the name of the debut album. The band went through several fill-in drummers before adding current drummer Lyle Cooper to their line-up.

The Faceless released their second full-length album, Planetary Duality, in November 2008. The album debuted at number 119 on the Billboard 200.

In January 2009, the group announced a North American tour with Meshuggah and Cynic; and in February 2009, another North American tour, with Cannibal Corpse, Neuraxis and Obscura; then toured the US with In Flames, Between the Buried and Me, and 3 Inches of Blood; then a co-headlining tour with Dying Fetus. The band were confirmed to tour Europe as part of the Bonecrusher Fest in Spring 2010 alongside The Black Dahlia Murder, 3 Inches of Blood, Necrophobic, Obscura, Carnifex and Ingested. Prior to their performance at California Metalfest IV, founding member and bassist Brandon Giffin announced that he would no longer be in the group. They also announced that they would be playing in the 2010 Summer Slaughter Festival along with such bands as Decapitated, All Shall Perish, Decrepit Birth and others.

The band's MySpace front page announces that a new album is to be released in 2011. The Faceless are currently playing a new song on tour titled, "The Eidolon Reality." They also announced, through MySpace, that they have appointed a new bassist to the band, Evan Brewer.

As of May 2011, The Faceless have been using vocalist Geoff Ficco for current touring commitments. Guitarist Micheal Keene confirmed Geoff as the new permanent vocalist for the Faceless via Facebook. Geoff is the vocalist on the The Eidolon Reality Demo.

Band membersEdit

Current members
  • Michael "Machine" Keene – guitar, backing vocals, vocoder (2004–present)
  • Steve Jones – guitar (2004–present)
  • Lyle Cooper – drums (2007–present)
  • Evan Brewer - bass guitar (2011–present)
  • Geoffrey Ficco - lead vocals (2011–present)
Former members
  • Derek "Demon Carcass" Rydquist – lead vocals (2006–2011)
  • Jarrad Lander - bass (2010)
  • Brandon Giffin – bass guitar (2004–2010)
  • Michael Sherer – keyboards, synthesizers
  • Bret Batdorf – drums (2004–2006)
  • Nick Pierce – drums
  • Elliott Sellers – drums
  • Marco Pitruzzella – drums


Studio albums

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