Band Info
OriginReading, Berkshire, England
Genre(s)Thrash metal,[1] death metal,[1] progressive metal[1]
Label(s)Nuclear Blast, In at the Deep End
Associated ActsBleed from Within, Viatrophy, Exit Ten, Heart of a Coward{{{9}}}

Sylosis is a British heavy metal band from Reading, Berkshire. After getting signed to Nuclear Blast Records in 2007, the band have released three studio albums, a live album and two EPs. Their fourth album Dormant Heart will be released in 2015.


Formation and Conclusion of an Age (2000–2009)Edit

Sylosis was formed in 2000 by guitarist Josh Middleton and bassist Carl Parnell who began playing extreme metal with other friends from school.[2] Over the years they went through various lineup changes, playing only a few gigs due to the members being unable to drive and being in school and also due to the fact that there was no underground metal scene at the time. Sylosis released a couple of EPs in the UK on a small indie label, In at the Deep End Records. In December 2007 Sylosis signed with Nuclear Blast Records, and they released their debut album in October 2008.[2]

On the style of their debut album, Conclusion of an Age, Middleton remarked, "The foundation of our sound is old school Bay Area thrash. We don't downtune and we don't play breakdowns. We do like to incorporate lots of different metal styles and textures into our music. We like make all of our songs really epic. We like progressive stuff, brutal stuff and melodic stuff."[3] After recording their debut studio album, guitarist Gurneet Ahluwalia was replaced by ex-Viatrophy guitarist Alex Bailey, ready for the early 2009 European tour with The Black Dahlia Murder, Cephalic Carnage and Psycroptic.

Sylosis were one of the opening acts on the Tuborg (third) stage at Download Festival held at Castle Donington, along with appearances at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, and an opening slot on the Bohemia stage at Sonisphere Festival. A UK headline tour has been announced for October/November 2009, but was cancelled as the band were offered an opening slot on the Dragonforce UK tour in November/December 2009.

Edge of the Earth, Monolith and RV Accident (2010–2013)Edit

Sylosis replaced Rise to Remain during the UK leg of As I Lay Dying's European tour in 2010. Sylosis entered the studio in 2010 to record their second full-length studio album, entitled Edge of the Earth; it was released in March 2011. They recorded a third studio album titled Monolith with Romesh Dodangoda in Wales at Monnow Valley Studio. Monolith was released on 5 October 2012 in Germany, 8 October 2012 in UK & Europe, 9 October 2012 in USA, and 10 October 2012 in Japan via Nuclear Blast Records.[4] Since January 2013 the band have headlined a UK tour as well featuring on the Soundwave Fesitval in Australia. They also carried out a tour with the bands Hellyeah, In Flames and, headliner Lamb of God in late 2012. The band has a main supporting role on a tour with Killswitch Engage in Europe during April and May 2013. Sylosis was announced as the opening band for the Trivium and DevilDriver North American co-headline tour with After the Burial as another supporting band. The tour was scheduled for October and November.[5]

On the 25th of September, the members of Sylosis were involved in an RV accident, the injuries from which resulted in the withdrawal of their shows supporting Trivium and DevilDriver.[6]

Dormant Heart and departure of Rob Callard (2014–present)Edit

After the members of Sylosis had recovered from their respective injuries they embarked on a tour of the UK and Europe as main support to DevilDriver. Bleed from Within also appeared on the tour. On this tour Sylosis drummer Rob Callard was unable to play on the tour due to other commitments. Ali Richardson, drummer of Bleed from Within, played for Sylosis on the tour.

In late September 2014 it was announced that Rob Callard was stepping down as drummer of Sylosis after nine years playing for the band. His replacement was announced at the same time as being Ali Richardson, continuing Richardson's relationship with Sylosis that started on the DevilDriver tour earlier in the year.

At the start of October 2014 Sylosis announced details of their fourth album Dormant Heart, which will be released on the 12th of January 2015 through Nuclear Blast Records.

Band membersEdit

Current members
  • Josh Middleton – lead guitar (2000–present), lead vocals (2010–present)
  • Carl Parnell – bass guitar (2000–present)
  • Alex Bailey – rhythm guitar (2008–present)
  • Ali Richardson – drums (2014–present)
Former members
  • Jamie Graham – lead vocals
  • Dave Anderson – lead vocals
  • Ben Hollyer – lead vocals
  • Dan Peirce – lead vocals
  • Glen Chamberlain – lead vocals
  • Richard Zananiri – rhythm guitar
  • Gurneet Ahluwalia – rhythm guitar
  • Rob Callard – drums (2005-2014)
  • Chris Steele – drums
  • Jay Colios-Terry – drums
Touring members
  • Brandon Ellis – rhythm guitar (2011)
  • Gurneet Ahluwalia – rhythm guitar (2012)
  • Adam Mayes – lead vocals


Studio albums
Live albums
  • Slings and Arrows (Digital release, 2012)

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