Souls to Deny

Suffocation - Souls to Deny

Souls to Deny is the fifth studio album by American death metal band Suffocation marking the end of a six year hiatus. This is the first album featuring former guitarist Guy Marchais (ex-Pyrexia, ex-Internal Bleeding) and marks the return of original drummer, Mike Smith. They did not have a bass player during the recording; bass guitar tracks on the album are played by Terrance Hobbs and Mike Smith. The cover artwork is by artist Dan Seagrave.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Deceit" - 4:40
  2. "To Weep Once More" - 4:31
  3. "Souls to Deny" - 5:45
  4. "Surgery of Impalement" - 3:51
  5. "Demise of the Clone" - 4:36
  6. "Subconsciously Enslaved" - 4:24
  7. "Immortally Condemned" - 6:03
  8. "Tomes of Acrimony" - 4:30


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