Slobology is the third studio album from the American Death/cybergrind band Dr. Acula. It was released in 2009 and is rather another "recollective" album, the first being Below Me.

Track ListingEdit

1. "Vampire Breath (Bloodsucka)"

2. "Night of the Living Dummy (version 1)"

3. "Say Cheese and Die (version 1)"

4. "Monster Blood (version 1)"

5. "Horror at Camp Jellyjam"

6. "Piano Lessons can be Murder (version 1)"

7. "Party"

8. "The Cuckoo Clock of Doom"

9. "Night of the Living Dummy (version 2)"

10. "Let's Get Invisible"

11. "Monster Blood (version 2)"

12. "How I Got my Shrunken Head"

13. "Piano Lessons can be Murder (version 2)"

14. "Shocker on Shock Street"

15. "Say Cheese and Die (version 2)"

16. "Legend of the Lost Legend"


  • Tracks 1 and 5 were the songs not previously released on the last two albums

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