Sledgehammer Autopsy
Band Info
OriginDenver, Colorado, Canada
Genre(s)Death metal
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Sledgehammer Autopsy, are a Canadian death metal band fronted by bassist and vocalist Sam Byrd, lead guitarists and vocalists Joe and Billy (who played drums at the time.)

Biography Edit

Although a shaky Lineup, they consist Joe on guitar, Sam Byrd on Bass, Billy on Guitar and chris Eatmon on drums (they all contribute vocals). The band's main goal is to scare the living shit out of anyone under the age of 13.

Unfortunately the band had to let go of drummer Chris, for lack of dedication. They are still seeking a drummer, the riquirements are pretty loose so if you know anyone who plays or you want to be in the band don't hesitate to visit the myspace and send us a message. The band is also looking for a new name and are open to suggestions so drop them a line over myspace.

The band never fails to entertain, their bassist Sam is always doing something strange while playing and the rest of the band freaks out like no tomorrow when playing live.

Musical Style Edit

Although mainly death metal and grindcore, VDG is known for having an extreme experimental influence, particularly John Zorn. Byrd often includes ableton live on there noisier songs. lyrical style varies from member to member, Byrd's are more political and Socially Concious (Bush & MTV suck), while Joe's are often Abstract and weird. The guitar parts written by Joe & Billy are often very brutal and fast and sometimes take a progressive style. Sams' extreme basslines always deliver a great low end to the songs & rattle the room while his slap lines in some songs are fast and almost sound a bit Jazzy.

Members Edit

Current members
  • Matt Dorr - Bass
  • Andrew Sares - Guitar, Vocals, Drum Programming
Former members
  • John - Drums
  • Taylor Davis - Drums
  • Sean Adler - Drums
  • Sean - Drums
  • Matt F - Guitars
  • Kiel - Guitars
  • Rob - Guitars
  • Alex Gierczak - Guitars
  • Taylor - Guitars
  • Ross - Vocals
  • Ross Williams - Vocals

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