Band Info
Years-Active1990? - present
Genre(s)thrash metal
heavy metal
power metal
folk metal
Label(s)Noise International, Inc.
Nuclear Blast
Associated Acts'

Skyclad was formed by ex-members of Sabbat (Martin Walkyier) and Pariah (Steve Ramsey and Graeme English), which resulted in one of, if not the first ever band to combine heavy metal with folk music.

All kinds of other styles were incorporated as well, as some of the tunes were just power and thrash metal, with no folk flavorings included at all, but others such as “Bewilderbeast” from Jonah’s Ark had a Spanish guitar intro, “Cardboard City” had keyboards as its main instrument, and “Land of the Rising Slum” (both from Prince of the Poverty Line) has a tropico-like intro, along with there being several part heavy metal/part ballads (like “Moongleam and Meadowsweet” from their debut), as well as vocalist Walkyier singing an entire album with clean vocals at one point as well (which the majority of their material he performed in a growly delivery) shows the band’s diversity.

Unfortunately Skyclad also has had many line-up changes, although it has kept on, being very prolific in recording in their over 20 year history thus far.

Their albums were self-released, along with being distributed by Noise International, Inc., Massacre, Nuclear Blast, and Century/Media.


Current membersEdit

  • Steve Ramsey–lead, rhythm, classical and acoustic guitars, keyboards, mandolin, backing vocals
  • Graeme English–bass, classical guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
  • George Biddle–fiddle, keyboards, backing vocals, piano

Former membersEdit


“Skyclad” is a term for a Pagan ritual that is performed in the nude.

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