Scream Bloody Gore
Scream Bloody Gore
Album info
ReleaseMay 25, 1987
RecordedThe Music Grinder in Los Angeles, California, USA
GenreDeath metal
ProducerRandy Burns, Chuck Schuldiner

Scream Bloody Gore is the debut album released by Death in 1987. This album bears little resemblance to the far more technical works of the band. Chuck Schuldiner performed bass, wrote all the songs on the album, and provided vocals in addition to guitar for the album. John Hand is noted on the cover as playing 'rhythm', though this was incorrect and Hand was only in the band for a short period and was not on the recording. This is also the only Death album to feature drummer Chris Reifert.

Scream Bloody Gore was actually recorded twice, with the second, Los Angeles-based session being released as the album by label Combat Records (later Relativity). It was first recorded in Florida, although only the rhythm guitar and drum tracks were recorded. The track-listing consisted of Torn to Pieces, Legion Of Doom, Scream Bloody Gore, Sacrificial Cunt (later shortened to Sacrificial), Mutilation, Land Of No Return, and Baptized In Blood. The label were unsatisfied after hearing the initial mix, Schuldiner and Reifert recorded in California with Randy Burns as producer. Once returning to Florida, the first session was released as a promotional tape, and was eventually bootlegged. Legion Of Doom was a longtime staple of Death's rehearsals and live shows, and was indeed the first song written, reaching back to when they were known as Mantas.

Despite the many songs written during Death's demo days, only half of them were re-recorded for the album, the rest being new compositions. It has been referred to as an incomplete best-of from Death's demo days . "Infernal Death" and Baptized In Blood originally appeared on the Infernal Death demo. Zombie Ritual, Mutilation and Land Of No Return originally appeared on the Mutilation demo, and Evil Dead and Beyond The Unholy Grave were originally on Death By Metal. Beyond The Unholy Grave and Land Of No Return were also cut from the album, though were included on the re-release, with the live tracks taken from Ultimate Revenge.

This album is also hailed by fans and critics as arguably the first Death metal album, as it replaced the large amounts of thrash influence early bands such as Possessed had, with outright 'Brutality'.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Infernal Death" - 2:54
  2. "Zombie Ritual" - 4:35
  3. "Denial of Life" - 3:37
  4. "Sacrificial" - 3:43
  5. "Mutilation" - 3:30
  6. "Regurgitated Guts" - 3:47
  7. "Baptized in Blood" - 4:31
  8. "Torn to Pieces" - 3:38
  9. "Evil Dead" - 3:01
  10. "Scream Bloody Gore" - 4:35


  • Chuck Schuldiner - bass, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Chris Reifert - drums
  • Edward Repka - design, illustrations
  • Randy Burns - percussion, producer
  • John Hand - credited on album as rhythm guitar but did not actually play on album (or during any live performances)

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