S.A. Sanctuary

S.A. Sanctuary opening for Souls of We

Band Info
OriginSan Antonio, Texas, USA
Years-Active1980s - present
Genre(s)thrash metal
heavy metal
Hard rock
Death metal
Associated Acts

S.A. Sanctuary (or SA SANCTUARY) is a band from San Antonio Texas.


The band has gone through many members (mostly bassists) since it's inception. In the early-mid 1980's the band was named Sanctuary. Later, a band from Washington State would use the name as well and get signed. Rather than feud over the name, Velasquez opted to alter the band name to S.A. Sanctuary to avoid confusion in 1987. The bands founding member, Orrie Velasquez, is the only original member. When the band started out in 1987 (post Sanctuary), it was more of a metal / hard rock band, similar to Iron Maiden. In the mid 1990's, SA SANCTUARY ended due to the drummer, and guitarist joining the Air Force. SA SANCTUARY would reform in 1998 with all new members.

Through out time as members changed, so did the musical style of the band. Today they are considered a Thrash, and with some material, Death Metal.

Orrie and Angel are fairly good friends with a number of big names in music. In spring 2010, Angel Fuentes and Orrie Velasquez were guitar and bass tech for George Lynch's band, Souls of We during his South West USA leg of the tour. [1]


  • Orrie Velasquez - guitar and secondary voice
  • Angel Fuentes - lead guitar and main voice
  • Romeo CK Vallejo - bass (currently filling in on drums)
  • Edward 'Eddie' Correa - keyboards (live only)
  • Mykill - drummer

Past membersEdit

  • DINO DUNCAN - drums
  • tony ramirez
  • Ted Wawryzniak - bass
  • Tony Ramirez - bass


  • The SA in SA Sanctuary, is an abbreviation for San Antonio (Texas), where the band started.
  • In 2002, Orrie was unable to play with the band for several months. Rather than cancel their shows, SA Sanctuary continued as Pawns Of Christ till Orrie was able to return. This "break" was for a "family emergency".
  • the band have a 200lb metal gargoyle "mascot" named Willie.


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