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Rap rock is a fusion genre of rock and hip-hop. It blends vocal and instrumental parts of hip-hop with funk and various forms of rock, including punk and metal.

The genre is often referred to as rap metal[1] or rapcore. These two terms could also be used as subgenres referring to the more heavy-metal-oriented and hardcore-punk-oriented bands respectively. It has also influenced some of the more recent music styles, such as nu metal.

Genre historyEdit

Rap rock developed in the mid to late 1980s. Rap meets rock is the philosophy of the genre.

The roots of the style can be found in albums by bands such as The Clash,[2] whose songs " The Magnificent Seven," and "Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)" off their album Sandinista! are arguably the first attempts by a rock group to adapt a hip hop style. Other bands to influence rap rock include Stuck Mojo, Public Enemy, Run-D.M.C. (along with Aerosmith), Beastie Boys, Biohazard, Methods of Mayhem, Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E., Suicidal Tendencies and Faith No More. Two of the first full-dedicated rap-metal acts to obtain mainstream popularity were Urban Dance Squad and Rage Against the Machine. But today's Rap-Rock scene has seen a shift from the hardcore sound of the late 80's and early 90's, to a softer sound. They blend the lyrics of hardcore rap and the soft sound acoustic punk.

Also, the Latin rap group Cypress Hill are often regarded as an infulential rap-rock outfit (a prime example is their half hip hop, half rock album, Skull & Bones.

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