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Rage Against the Machine
Band Info
Genre(s)Alternative metal, rap metal, funk metal
Label(s)Epic Records
Associated ActsStreet Sweeper Social Club, Audioslave

Rage Against the Machine(abbreviated RATM) was an American rap metal band formed in 1991. Their songs mostly consist of political songs and songs about society and globalization. One of the most noticeable things musically about the band is the unique guitar playing of Tom Morello who can sometimes sound like he’s playing something other than a guitar.


Formed in 1991 the bands first self titled album was critically acclaimed. The band continued to release albums until 2000 when the lead singer Zack de la Rocha quit the band. In 2007 RATM re-united and currently has no plans to make a new album.

Rage Against the Machine, Evil Empire, The Battle of Los Angeles, breakup and Renegades (1991-2000)Edit

Their full-length debut, Rage Against the Machine on November 10, 1992.
Their second full-length album Evil Empire on April 16, 1996.
Their third full-length album The Battle of Los Angeles on November 2, 1999.
On October 18, 2000, Their have broke up.
Their fourth full-length album Renegades on December 5, 2000.


Current members
  • Zack de la Rocha - vocals (1991-2000, 2007-persent)
  • Tom Morello - guitar (1991-2000, 2007-persent)
  • Tim Commerford - bass (1991-2000, 2007-persent)
  • Brad Milk - drums (1991-2000, 2007-persent)


Studio albums

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