Revenant - Prophecies of a Dying World

Prophecies of a Dying World is the only full-length original album from Revenant (their later The Burning Ground release included demos and live tracks), being technical thrash metal for the most part, with unique, seething vocals, intense drumming, and tempo changes and start/stop riffs galore, which can be somewhat comparable to CarcassNecroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious release.

Prophecy of a Dying World starts off the album with a fade-in of guitars and has a lot of tempo changes and all, along with some spoken parts to it (which the same goes for "Spawn" on the latter). "Ancestral Shadows" has a rototom drum intro, then goes into thrash metal after several measures of start/stop riffs, then slows down after two minutes.

"In the Dark of the Psychic Unknown", however, has a slow and dreary vibe for a while, until it speeds up later, as well as "Distant Eyes" also starts off slow, but has some time changes and ends up being pretty fast during its over seven minute length (which four out of the nine songs on here are six or more minutes long each).

The album was released in 1991 through Nuclear Blast America.

Track listEdit

  1. "Prophecy of a Dying World" - 6:14
  2. "Spawn" - 5:21
  3. "Ancestral Shadows" - 6:51
  4. "The Unearthly (A Quest)" - 4:45
  5. "In the Dark of a Physic Unknown" (bonus tracks) - 5:51
  6. "Asphyxiated Time" - 7:55
  7. "Distant Eyes" - 7:16
  8. "Valedictions" - 7:30
  9. "Degeneration" (bonus tracks) - 4:28


  • Henry Veggian - lead guitar, vocals
  • Dave Jengo - lead guitar
  • Tim Scott - bass
  • Will Corcoran - drums
  • Bill Klatt - producer, mixing


"The Unearthly" was made into a video and included on the Nuclear Blast video compilation release of Death...Is Just the Beginning.


REVENANT - The Unearthly promo05:10

REVENANT - The Unearthly promo

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