Portals to Canaan
Portals to Canaan
Album info
ReleaseJune 25, 2013
RecordedAvalon Recording Studios
GenreTechnical death metal
LabelUnique Leader
ProducerDeeds of Flesh

Portals to Canaan is the eighth studio album by Californian death metal band Deeds of Flesh. It was released on June 25, 2013 on Unique Leader Records.

Track listingEdit

# Track title Length
1. "Amidst the Ruins" 4:32
2. "Entranced in Decades of Psychedelic Sleep" 6:39
3. "Rise of the Virvum Juggernaut" 4:13
4. "Celestial Serpents" 5:36
5. "Caelum Hirundines Terra/The Sky Swallows the Earth" 1:47
6. "Xeno Virus" 5:30
7. "Hollow Human Husks" 4:09
8. "Portals to Canaan" 4:35
9. "Orphans of Sickness" (Gorguts cover) 5:26


Deeds of Flesh
  • Erik Lindmark - Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics
  • Mike Hamilton - Drums
  • Craig Peters - Lead guitar
  • Ivan Munguia - Bass
  • Raymond Swanland - Artwork
  • Kip Stork - Recording
  • Zack Ohren - Mixing, Mastering
  • Frank Hayes - Layout
  • Corey Athos - Lyrics

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