Pierced from Within

Suffocation - Pierced from Within

Pierced from Within is the fourth studio album released in 1995 by the technical death metal band Suffocation. "Synthetically Revived" is a re-recording of the song of the same name from the Human Waste and "Breeding the Spawn" is a re-recording of the title track from the band's previous album.

Both this album and Effigy of the Forgotten have been re-released by Roadrunner Records as part of the Two from the Vault series.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Pierced from Within" - 4:26
  2. "Thrones of Blood" - 5:14
  3. "Depths of Depravity" - 5:33
  4. "Suspended in Tribulation" - 6:31
  5. "Torn into Enthrallment" - 5:25
  6. "The Invoking" - 4:36
  7. "Synthetically Revived" - 3:53
  8. "Brood of Hatred" - 4:36
  9. "Breeding the Spawn" - 5:09


  • Guest co-lyrics for "Torn into Enthrallment" by Lee Harrison (Monstrosity)
  • Produced by Scott Burns & Suffocation
  • Engineered and mixed by Scott Burns
  • Assistant engineer: Dave Welner
  • Recorded and mixed at Morrisound Recording, Tampa, FL, USA
  • Mastered by Mike Fuller at Fullersound, Miami, FL, USA
  • Cover Art: Hiro Takahashi

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