Path of Totality
Path of Totality
Album info
ReleaseJune 7, 2011
RecordedElmwood Recording, Dallas, TX January 2011
GenreExperimental metal, post-metal, black metal
LabelRelapse CD, LP (RR7158)

Path of Totality is the second full-length studio album from American metal band Tombs. It was released on June 7, 2011 through Relapse Records in CD, LP and digital download formats. It is the group's first album to be recorded by John Congleton.[1]

According to Mike Hill, the album title is a reference to the channel of darkness, or shadow, that is cast upon the earth in the moment when the moon obscures the sun during a solar eclipse.[2] Concerning the lyrics, Mike Hill commented: "The lyrics are less personal, in that they have nothing to do with my personal experiences or any kind of internal narrative. The new record deals more with reflections on death, endings and the sort of existential cynicism that can easily creep into your consciousness living in a world where there seems be an incredible level of detachment."[3]

Decibel Magazine ranked Path of Totality #1 in their "Top 40 Extreme Albums of 2011" list.[4]

# Track title Length
1. "Black Hole of Summer" 5:22
2. "To Cross the Land" 5:53
3. "Constellations" 2:39
4. "Bloodletters" 4:31
5. "Path of Totality" 4:51
6. "Vermillion" 4:58
7. "Passageways" 3:31
8. "Silent World" 4:24
9. "Cold Dark Eyes" 6:46
10. "Black Heaven" 5:09
11. "Red Shadows" 4:48
12. "Angel of Destruction" 3:44


Path of Totality album personnel adapted from the CD linear notes[5]


  • Mike Hill - vocals, guitar
  • Carson Daniel James - bass
  • Andrew Hernandez II - drums, percussion

Additional musicians

  • Bryant Clifford Meyer - synthesizer, keyboard on "Black Hole of Summer", "Angel of Destruction" & "Black Heaven"
  • The Champ Morgan - back up vocals on "Vermillion", "Path of Totality" & "Angel of Destruction"



  • Thomas Hooper & Mike Hill - concept & layout
  • Thomas Hooper - art & illustration
  • Jacob Speis - design

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