I am your darkest hour I am your fall from power I am the voice you dread and I'm Screaming out inside your head

I am the final count I am your demons out I am the worst demise I'm gonna cut your words down to size

What is this? I hear you shout Face to face I'm gonna take you out


One on One Bring it on One on One Take me on

I am the awful truth I am the fearless youth I am the cross to bear And the one who dares to return your stare

I am the fist of God I am the underdog I'll always stand my ground While the others scatter all around

Against all odds Despite it all I'm at my best when I'm against the wall


I am the bloodstained past at last That's finally caught up with you like The glint of steel from out of the dark the last Thing you will feel - I'm outgunned, I'm out Run, I'm undead and then I found the skin You shed - I am the questions asked That send shivers down your back

So I am holding out And I'm much stronger now So take me on


I am the darkest night I am the vipers strike I'll see you all consumed As you start to lick Your mortal wounds

Like the condemned man Who just won't die I'll show no remorse I'll never walk away


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