O God, the Aftermath is the second album released by American metalcore band Norma Jean and was released on March 1, 2005. Like their previous album Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child, O God, the Aftermath was released on Solid State Records. The most notable change in sound is the arrival of new vocalist Cory Brandan.

The band themselves have stated that the album was primarily influenced by Botch and the album Oceanic by Isis[citation needed].

The album was re-released on March 21, 2006 as a CD/DVD with expanded Grammy-nominated artwork, two hours of extra footage, and "ShaunLuu" as bonus track which was also featured on the Masters Of Horror soundtrack. This track was originally set to be 7 minutes long, but had to be cut short for the soundtrack. On the re-release, on a CD player, if you hold down rewind until the display reads -2:20, there is a hidden instrumental song.

Music videos were filmed for the songs "Bayonetwork: Vultures in Vivid Color", "Liarsenic: Creating a Universe of Discourse" and "Absentimental: Street Clam".

The track "Pretendeavor: In Reference To A Sinking Ship" was previously released on a Solid State Records sampler called This Is Solid State: Vol. 5 under the name "Astronomicoronary: In Reference To A Sinking Ship", and was the first recorded output with new vocalist Cory Brandan. It has since been re-recorded with new parts and riffs for the album.

The song "Absentimental: Street Clam" was previously known as "Manipulateral: Street Clam".

In the liner notes of the original release of the album the full title of the album is listed as "O'God, The Aftermath: THE MARVELOUS END OF THE EXHAUSTED CONTENDER"

All songs titles are portmanteaus.

Track listingEdit

  • Hidden Instrumental Track - -2:20
  1. "Murderotica: An Avalanche In D Minor" – 1:58
  2. "Vertebraille: Choke That Thief Called Dependence" – 3:12
  3. "Bayonetwork: Vultures In Vivid Color" – 3:29
  4. "Dilemmachine: Coalition Hoax" – 2:12
  5. "Coffinspire: Multitudes, Multitudes In the Valley of Decision!" – 4:25
  6. "Liarsenic: Creating A Universe of Discourse" – 4:08
  7. "Disconnecktie: The Faithful Vampire" – 10:02
  8. "Absentimental: Street Clam" – 3:12
  9. "Charactarantula: Talking To You and the Intake of Glass" – 4:17
  10. "Pretendeavor: In Reference To A Sinking Ship" – 4:27
  11. "Scientifiction: I. A Clot of Tragedy /II. A Swarm of Dedication" – 6:22

- Track 5 on CD re-release, track 12 on Vinyl release.

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