As I walk behind her, her scent trails to me What is it that draws me neared, what could it be? Once I was normal among the sheep Now I'm immortal, in the night I creep

Searching for the one, 21, she will run, from the gleam of my blade, she has strayed She will pay, with the only life that she now knows Captured by the gender she loathes

Now she is tied, terrified, set aside As I prepare she stares as I tear at the garment she hides behind Her young flesh is so devine

One final deed, she will plead, I proceed Satisfying my urge, I will scourge, as I surge through her hallowed feminine domain From her young body. I can't abstain

Lifeless she now lies, now untied I defile Carefully scoring her skin I begin from within Removing her organs inspected Still nothing detected

[Solo Jack Owen]

One way to achieve The info that I need Continuing to cleave

[Solo Jack Owen]

Gradually consumed She was foredoomed Body one big wound

Now I am through as I chew on the few pieces that remain Of the brain, nothing gained, I continue my Searching in the night for the one who fulfils my plight

Searching for the one, 21, she will run from the gleam of my blade, she will pay Nothing left to mutilate Nothing left to mutilate

[Solo Jack Owen]

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