Nighttime Birds
Nighttime Birds
Album info
ReleaseJune 6, 1997
Recorded17th February to 15th March 1997 at Woodhouse Studios, Hagen, Germany
GenreProgressive metal, gothic metal,[1] progressive rock, alternative rock
LabelCentury Media
ProducerSiggi Bemm, the Gathering

Nighttime Birds is the fourth full-length album of the Dutch band The Gathering, released on June 6, 1997 by Century Media Records. The album was recorded at Woodhouse Studios, Hagen, Germany between February 17 and March 15, 1997 under the guidance of producer Siggi Bemm and The Gathering.

Track listingEdit

Original 1997 Release
# Track title Length
1. "On Most Surfaces (Inuït)" 6:55
2. "Confusion" 6:33
3. "The May Song" 3:45
4. "The Earth Is My Witness" 5:31
5. "New Moon, Different Day" 6:07
6. "Third Chance" 5:26
7. "Kevin's Telescope" 3:23
8. "Nighttime Birds" 6:59
9. "Shrink" 4:01
2007 Century Media Reissue
# Track title Length
10. "The May Song (Radio Edit)" 3:50
11. "The Earth Is My Witness (Edit)" 4:14
12. "Confusion (Live In Krakow)" 7:08
13. "The May Song (Live In Krakow)" 3:32
14. "New Moon, Different Day (Live In Krakow)" 6:03
15. "Adrenaline (Live In Krakow)" 4:06

Disc 1, 1–9 taken from the "Nighttime Birds" album.
Disc 1, 10–11 taken from "The May Song" EP.
Disc 1, 12–15 taken from the "In Motion" DVD. Recorded live in Krakow, Poland, 1997

Disc 2
# Track title Length
1. "New Moon, Different Day (Demo/EROC Session)" 6:18
2. "Kevin's Telescope (Demo/EROC Session)" 4:47
3. "Shrink (Demo/EROC Session)" 3:59
4. "The Earth Is My Witness (Demo/EROC Session)" 6:09
5. "Diamond Box (Demo/EROC Session)" 4:41
6. "Nighttime Birds (Demo/EROC Session)" 7:02
7. "On Most Surfaces (Demo/EROC Session)" 7:30
8. "Hjelmar's (Demo/EROC Session)" 1:35
9. "In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated" 4:05
10. "When The Sun Hits" 4:52
11. "Confusion (Demo/EROC Session)" 7:16
12. "Shrink (Alternate Version)" 2:14
13. "Adrenaline" 4:15
14. "Third Chance (Alternate Version)" 5:37

Disc 2, 1–8 EROC Demo Session recorded at Woodhouse Studios, Hagen, Germany, Mixed by EROC, November 15th to 30th, 1996.
Disc 2, 9–10 recorded at S&K Studios, Doetinchem, Netherlands, September 1st to 4th, 1997. Produced by The Gathering & Dirk Kemper. Taken from the "Kevin's Telescope" EP.
Disc 2, 11 taken from "Nighttime Birds" remixed by EROC. Taken from the "Kevin's Telescope" EP.
Disc 2, 12 recorded at Patrick Steenbakkers Audioprodukties, Shijndel, Netherlands, Summer 1996. Produced by Patrick Steenbakkers & The Gathering. Taken from the "Liberty Bell" EP.
Disc 2, 13–14 recorded at RS 29 Studios, Wolluck, Netherlands, March 30th to April 3rd, 1996. Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Oscar Holleman & The Gathering. Taken from the "Adrenaline/Leaves" EP.

Trivia Edit

  • In the song Nighttime Birds (after minute 3:45) there is a sample of Indian flute music (a Raga Kafi) which can be heard in the Dutch theme park ′de Efteling′ at the fairy tale of The Flying Fakir
  • Track 8 contains a quote from the film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory


Chart (1997) Peak
Dutch Albums Chart[2] 12
German Albums Chart[3] 80



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