Mourning in the Winter Solstice
EP by Mythic
Released 1993
Recorded March 1992 at Studio-L, Wierton, WV
Genre Death/doom
Length 13:44
Label Relapse

Mourning in the Winter Solstice is one of only two EPs that Mythic released, being low-tuned death/thrash metal (with ultra fuzzy guitars) for the most part with guttural vocals.

There are only three songs on this brief E. P., being "Winter Solstice", which starts out slow, but speeds up into thrash metal after nearly a minute. The song also comes completely to a halt a little after two minutes, but then starts up again. "Lament Configuration" alternates from being slow to mid-paced, doomy death metal and has a brief bass solo, while "Spawn of Absu" has an intro with clanging bells for over a minute before becoming fast death/thrash metal.

Relapse Records released the album in 1993.

Track listEdit

  1. "Winter Solstice" - 3:35
  2. "Lament Configuration" - 4:14
  3. "Spawn of Absu" - 5:55


  • T. J. Frost - backing vocals (tracks 1, 3)
  • Lou Contumelio - engineering
  • Eric Saunders - lyrics
  • Dana Duffey - lyrics


The band had already broken up before the album's release.

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