Metal Killers Kollection Volume 2 is a compilation album that has a mix of metal genres, such as doom metal (Witchfinder General), glam metal (Hanoi Rocks, Teaze), power metal (Starz, Mama's Boys, The Rods), crossover (Rogue Male), and hard rock (Godz).

It was released in 1986 by Castle Communications Ltd..

Track/band listingEdit

  1. "Tragedy (Live) - Hanoi Rocks
  2. "Let Them Eat Metal - The Rods
  3. "Rock Six Times" - Starz
  4. "Hang 'Em High" - Waysted
  5. "In The Heat Of The Night - Mama's Boys
  6. "Eat The Rich - Tyson Dog
  7. "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Black Sabbath
  8. "Boys Nite Out" - Teaze
  9. "17 Goin' On Crazy" - Smashed Gladys
  10. "Friends Of Hell - Witchfinder General
  11. "Destroyer - Twisted Sister
  12. "Burn The Kings Road - Warfare
  13. "Restless And Wild - Accept
  14. "The Sorcerer - Alaska
  15. "I'll Get You Rockin' - Godz
  16. "Crazy Motorcycle - Rogue Male
  17. "Turn The Hell On" - Fist
  18. "Hot 'N' Ready" - Reckless
  19. "Break The Chain" - Raven
  20. "Heartuser" - Di'Anno
  21. "Angeline" - Sabu
  22. "Art & Illusion" - Twelth Night
  23. "Wastin' Away" - Hells Belles
  24. "Ready As Hell" - Jim Dandy


This was originally a single release on its first run in 1986; however, once it was re-released on cd years later, it became a double release, adding the songs from Accept through Jim Dandy, which did not appear upon its original issuing.

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