Metal Blade Records Video Meltdown is a compilation video of several Metal Blade Records’ artists (at the time of release), along with it also having several brief interviews with members of Lizzy Borden, Fates Warning and Armored Saint, along with introductions from Brian Slagel and Jon Sutherland of Metal Blade Records.

The video is approximately 60 minutes long and was released in 1990 by Metal Blade Video and Enigma Music Video.

Track listEdit


  • At the time of its release, this was the very first Metal Blade home video.
  • Both the Armored Saint and Lizzy Borden’sGive ‘em the Axe” videos are listed as to being “live”, although only the audio of the Armored Saint song is live; “Give ‘em the Axe” is obviously the studio version of the song.
  • "Give 'em the Axe" by Lizzy Borden is indeed live, the audio is a clear sbd recording that was recorded previously for the "The Murderess Metal Road Show", which was released (1986) in audio cd and vhs video form. The video's abrupt switch between aud/sbd matrix recording of audience participation to the straight sbd recording of the songs is a bit noticable, however.

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