Lost Paradise
Lost Paradise
Album info
ReleaseJanuary 1990
RecordedThe Academy, Winter 1989
ProducerPaul "Hammy" Halmshaw

Lost Paradise is the debut album of the heavy metal band Paradise Lost. Released in January 1990 by Peaceville Records, it features their early death/doom style.[1] The album was re-issued in 2003 and included three bonus tracks. The track "Our Saviour" was rerecorded with this albums lineup, except with Adrian Erlandsson on drums instead, and released on Tragic Illusion 25. It was also renamed "Our Saviour 2013".

# Track title Length
1. "Intro" 2:40
2. "Deadly Inner Sense" 4:36
3. "Paradise Lost" 5:30
4. "Our Saviour" 5:07
5. "Rotting Misery" 5:16
6. "Frozen Illusion" 5:20
7. "Breeding Fear" 4:14
8. "Lost Paradise" 2:08
9. "Internal Torment II" 5:54
Orion reissue bonus tracks
# Track title Length
10. "Rotting Misery (Doom Dub)" 4:48
11. "Breeding Fear (Demolition Dub)" 6:08
Reissue bonus tracks
# Track title Length
10. "Eternal (live)" 3:56
11. "Gothic (mix)" 4:41
12. "The Painless (mix)" 3:57


  • Nick Holmes - vocals
  • Matthew Archer - drums
  • Stephen Edmondson - bass
  • Aaron Aedy - guitars
  • Gregor Mackintosh - guitars

Guest musiciansEdit

  • Key Field - female vocals


  • Duncan Fegredo - cover art
  • Paul "Hammy" Halmshaw - producer
  • Pat Grogan - engineering
  • Porl Medlock - photography


The album was recorded at The Academy in Winter 1989. It was engineered by Pat Grogan and produced by Hammy. Female Vocals on "Breeding Fear" were performed by Kay Field. Kay Field appears courtesy of Major Records. The song "Internal Torment II" also appears on the Peaceville Records compilation Vile Vibes, an album that also features a song by Kay Field, called "It Feels Right".

All Songs composed by Holmes/Mackintosh and Published by Vile Music (Zomba music publishers Ltd). The cover illustration was done by Duncan Fegredo of Exploding Head Designs in 1989. Photography was done by Porl A. Medlock.


Other sourcesEdit

  • Paradise Lost (1998). Reflection. [CD]. New York, NY: Music for Nations.

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