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I always used to be afraid That I was going to lose my way I never used to walk in line but stray

I never thought I'd see it through That I could deal with losing you But suddenly I see the light of day

Leading me in rom out of the night Staying on course - I'm still alive I had to confess I never thought I would ever survive


I was lost and found I had run aground I was lost but now I'm found

Focused on my altered state I would just disorientate Suffering alone amongst the crowd

Drifting on a sea of doubt And no-one ever heard me shout That I was lost and couldn't find my way

No-one at hand Having no plan I stumbled through a barren land

After so long Of going wrong I found the road


I was lost and found I had hit the ground I was lost but now I found

That I don't need no-one To survive You've got to believe alone You'll rise

Starting to run Shedding the load Now I can see I'm close to home

After so long Of going wrong I found the road


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