Losing All Hope Is Freedom is the début album released by the metalcore band Evergreen Terrace. The title is drawn from the novel Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Sweet Nothings Gone Forever" – 3:22
  2. "Tevis Sux" – 1:57
  3. "Failure of a Friend" – 2:19
  4. "Embrace" – 3:58
  5. "Manifestation of Anger" – 3:08
  6. "What Would Jesus Do With a Weapon" – 2:19
  7. "In My Dreams I Can Fly" – 3:32
  8. "Behind My Back" – 2:14
  9. "This Wonderful Hatred" – 3:22
  10. "Look Up at the Stars and You're Gone" – 2:39
  11. "Sunday Bloody Sunday" – 3:24 (U2)

"Look Up at the Stars and You're Gone" is a quote from the novel Fight Club. "Sunday Bloody Sunday" is a cover of a U2 song.

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