Leaders Not Followers
Leaders Not Followers
Album info
Release25 October 1999
GenreDeath metal, grindcore
LabelDream Catcher
ProducerRuss Russell, Simon Efemey

Leaders Not Followers is an EP album by the British grindcore band Napalm Death. The EP has six tracks, which are covers from various punk and metal bands. This EP has now been re-issued by Secret Records on limited edition red vinyl for Record Store Day 2013 and has also been included on their CD re-issue of Enemy of the Music Business as bonus tracks.

# Track title Length
1. "Politicians" (Raw Power cover) 1:45
2. "Incinerator" (Slaughter cover) 3:21
3. "Demoniac Possession" (Pentagram cover) 3:13
4. "Maggots in Your Coffin" (Repulsion cover) 1:36
5. "Back from the Dead" (Death cover) 2:36
6. "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" (Dead Kennedys cover) 6:40


Track number 3 is misspelled on the back as "Demoniac Possesion". This song is a cover of the Chilean thrash metal band Pentagram. Not to be confused with the American doom metal band Pentagram.

"Nazi Punks Fuck Off" is 1 minute and 13 seconds long. At the end of the song, there is a long silence block from 1:14 to 6:10. At 6:11 a soundbite comes fading in of a fan presenting himself and then translating his own speech into Welsh. This kind of ghost track, with some slight changes, pops out in other two Napalm Death albums so far, Order of the Leech and Enemy of the Music Business.


Napalm Death
  • Duncan - Layout, Design
  • Mid - Artwork
  • Simon Efemey - Producer, Engineering
  • Russ Russell - Producer, Engineering

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