I don't want to have to kill you They'll find out and I will feel blue Like to take all the skin off your face

Like to smash all your brains with a vase With I could be a fly in your head Lay my eggs that will rise from the dead

Ah [x8]

Oh I don't wanna have to hide you It's so cold that I'll get the flue

Na [x16]

I don't want to [x4]

Na [x16]

I don't want to have to eat you I won't fit into my swim suit

You've got so much flesh on top your bones You could cause a bloody big cyclone Grab a lance smash it straight through your ribs Splash the blood onto my baby's bibs

Make a mess dripping crimson and bone Break your face with a stale ice cream cone

I don't wanna have to [x4]

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