Industrial metal is a musical genre that draws elements from industrial music and heavy metal. Industrial metal music is usually centered around repetitive metal guitar riffs, synthesizer/sequencer lines, sampling and distorted vocals[1]. This term is used quite loosely, describing everything from industrial rock bands sampling metal riffs (such as The Young Gods[citation needed]) to heavy metal groups augmented with sequencers and drum machines. Industrial metal encompasses industrial subgenres such as aggro-industrial and coldwave (see List of post-industrial music genres and related fusion genres) and often overlaps some elements of nu-metal and post-punk.

Examples of industrial metal bands include Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Rammstein, Godflesh, Beck, Marilyn Manson, Fear Factory and KMDFM.

Heavy Metal

Alternative metal  • Avant-garde metal  • Black metal  • Christian metal  • Crossover thrash  • Death metal  • Doom metal  • Extreme metal  • Folk metal  • Glam metal
Gothic metal  • Groove metal  • Industrial metal  • Heavy metal  • Metal  • Metalcore  • Neo-classical metal  • Nu metal  • Post-metal  • Power metal  • Progressive metal
Rap metal  • Sludge metal  • Speed metal  • Stoner metal  • Symphonic metal  • Thrash metal  • Traditional heavy metal  • Viking metal

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