Album overviewEdit

Mordred was one of the earliest funk metal bands ever, and that was made more prominent with their In This Life release, their second album, as only two songs on their debut were funk-laced, with the rest of the album being mid-paced heavy metal to thrash metal for the most part. This time around though, the majority of this album is funk metal, and not much else of it is straight out heavy metal or otherwise, as its only straight-out thrash metal offering is “Progress”, and “A Beginning” is a brief instrumental done with clean guitar.

Otherwise, “In This Life” is a combination of being funk metal with quickly spoken vocals and mid-paced metal to thrash, and the same goes with “The Strain” (minus the fast vocals). “High Potency”, “Window” and “Falling Away” are all fairly fast metal tunes with some funk added to them, “Larger Than Life” is mostly mid-paced funk metal with scratching, “Killing Time” is a combination of fast funk and thrash metal, and “Esse Quam Videri” is a mix of having some regular metal and fast funk, with the vocals mostly buried and distorted (although one brief part is quickly rapped), has record scratching, and several sound effects that could fit perfectly with a 70s funk album. And “Downtown” is a cross between being funk metal with some raggae sounds.

The album was released in 1991 through Noise International Inc. and BMG Distribution.

Track listEdit

  1. In This Life
  2. The Strain
  3. High Potency
  4. Window
  5. Esse Quam Videri
  6. A Beginning
  7. Falling Away
  8. Killing Time
  9. Downtown
  10. Progress
  11. Larger Than Life



In between their debut and this album, guitarist J. Taffer was replaced with James Sanguinetti. Also, Aaron (Pause) Vaughn started being listed as an official member of the band on this album as well (he was just listed for “scratching” on Mordred’s debut in the liner notes).


“Falling Away” video

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