I carved you picture into my skin. I showedeveryone that I never sin. Just 'cause I bleed like you I am not aman. I am not of this world And you must understand that.

I have apredestined plan, And I walk better than you. I preach what I practice, And I will practice on you.

Carved your holy name inside my skin, I showed everyone I'm not a trend. I am a zombie, I'd be better offdead. Speak of angels, But host demons instead and...

I am prayingfor a prayer that's true. I am preying on you. I talk aboutwalking, And I try to walk upon you.

When I look at all of you I see, I seethe weak. I'm a wolf among the lost sheep. When I look at all of you I see, I see the weak. I'm a wolf among the lost sheep.

I will tell them thescriptures. I will profit from your name. I will sell them thescriptures, and I will pocket your fame. I magnify splinters Whiletrees grow from my eyes. I am posing for pictures. I am feasting on bread and your wine

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