Destroy the Runner - I, Lucifer

I, Lucifer is the second studio album for the American metalcore band Destroy the Runner. It is the first release featuring Chad Ackerman, replacing Kyle Setter and Tanner Sparks, replacing Jeremiah Crespo on Bass. Due to change up's, the record is expected April 15 2008.

Track Listing Edit

  1. "Crumb's For The Murder"
  2. "Isabella's"
  3. "Mr. and Mrs. Cuckoldom"
  4. "Bag's Of Marble's"
  5. "I, Lucifer"
  6. "It's Always Cold in Paris"
  7. "A Pathetic Psalm"
  8. "Luxuria"
  9. "On Falling Leaf"
  10. "A Novel Of War"
  11. "A Mountain So Big, A Question So Small"

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