Human Waste
Human Waste
Album info
ReleaseMay 1, 1991
RecordedRecorded and Mixed at Recardamatt Studios, West Islip, NY - 9/90
GenreTechnical death metal, brutal death metal
Length23:14, 29:03 (reissue)

Human Waste is Suffocation's debut studio album released by Relapse Records. This was also the first CD ever to be released by Relapse. "Infecting The Crypts", "Mass Obliteration", and "Jesus Wept" were re-recorded on the following album, Effigy of the Forgotten. "Synthetically Revived" was also re-recorded on Pierced from Within and "Catatonia" was re-recorded for the Despise the Sun EP. The only track that has not been re-recorded is the title track, which was originally recorded for the demo Reincremated.

It was re-released in 2005 with two bonus tracks taken from the demo Reincremated. Tracks 7 and 8 on the re-release are "Involuntary Slaughter" and "Reincremation".

Track listingEdit

# Track title Length
1. "Infecting the Crypts" 4:38
2. "Synthetically Revived" 3:38
3. "Mass Obliteration" 4:29
4. "Catatonia" 3:56
5. "Jesus Wept" 3:38
6. "Human Waste" 2:56
Digital reissue bonus tracks [1]
# Track title Length
7. "Involuntary Slaughter" (Reincremated Demo 1990) 2:55
8. "Reincremation" (Reincremated Demo 1990) 2:54


  • Frank Mullen - Vocals
  • Doug Cerrito - Guitars
  • Terrance Hobbs - Guitars
  • Josh Barohn - Bass
  • Mike Smith - Drums
  • Ron Spencer - Cover art
  • Paul Bagin - Engineering
  • Markus Staiger - Executive producer
  • Orion Landau - Design


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