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How Far to Asgaard
How Far to Asgaard
Album info
ReleaseJanuary 2002
2008 (Reissue)
RecordedLasse Glavind & Jesper Johansen at Toccata Studio, Copenhagen
GenreProgressive metal, folk metal

How Far To Asgaard - 2008 Re-release

How Far to Asgaard is the first full-length album by the Faroese folk / Viking metal band Týr. It was released in January 2002 by Tutl.

"Ormurin Langi" is a metal version of the traditional Faroese song. A video for the song was also recorded in Iceland.

The song "How Far to Asgaard" is 8:59 in length, followed by 9:50 of silence. At 18:49 there is the Faroese poem "Nornagest Ríma" chanted by a group and accompanied by rhythmic stamping.

The[Russian release of the album is issued by СД-Максимум (CD-Maximum) under license from Tutl. The 9:50 of silence on the track, "How Far to Asgaard" is shortened to just 0:51. This version also contains the video for "Hail to the Hammer." The album art on this version is an obvious remake of the original.

The album was re-released on 2 October 2008 by Napalm Records with a new cover artwork and two additional tracks originally from the single Ólavur Riddararós released in 2002. In the re-released version, the poem "Nornagest Ríma"is used as a bonus track after the song "Stýrisvølurin", instead of "How Far to Asgaard". "Stýrisvølurin" ends at 6:42, and is followed by 2 minutes, 52 seconds of silence, until "Nornagest Ríma" starts at 9:34.

Track listingEdit

  • For songwriting credits, see below (2008 Re-release)
  1. "Hail to the Hammer" – 4:34
  2. "Excavation" – 6:42
  3. "The Rune" – 6:42
  4. "Ten Wild Dogs" – 6:51
  5. "God of War" – 7:08
  6. "Sand in the Wind" – 6:24
  7. "Ormurin Langi" – 5:50
  8. "How Far to Asgaard" – 29:27

Track listing (2008 Re-release)Edit

  • All Lyrics By Heri Joensen, except where noted. All Music as noted.
  1. "Hail to the Hammer" – 4:34 (Heri Joensen, Pól Arni Holm)
  2. "Excavation" – 6:42 (H. Joensen, Gunnar H. Thomsen)
  3. "The Rune" – 6:42 (H. Joensen, Holm, Thomsen)
  4. "Ten Wild Dogs" – 6:51 (H. Joensen, Jón Joensen, Thomsen)
  5. "God of War" – 7:08 (H. Joensen, J. Joensen)
  6. "Sand in the Wind" – 6:24 (H. Joensen)
  7. "Ormurin Langi" – 5:50 (Lyrics: Jens Christian Djurhuus, Music: Trad.; arr. Týr)
  8. "How Far to Asgaard" – 9:00 (H. Joensen, Holm)
  9. "Ólavur Riddararós" (Bonus track) – 4:36 (Lyrics & Music: Trad.; arr. Týr)
  10. "Stýrisvølurin" (Bonus track) – 20:14 (Lyrics: H. Joensen; Music: Trad., H. Joensen)



  • Arranged & Produced By Týr
  • Recorded, Engineered & Mixed By Jesper Johansen, Lasse Glavind, Jens Rud & Steen Svare
  • Mastered By Jens Rud & Steen Svare


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