Hordes of Chaos

Kreator - Hordes of Chaos

Hordes of Chaos is the twelfth studio album by German thrash metal band Kreator. It has been described as their most organic album to date because, barring vocals, guitar solos and some melodies, the album was recorded in a live setting on analog tape recorder with very few overdubs. Frontman Mille Petrozza noted that this was the first time they have recorded an album this way since Pleasure to Kill in 1986.

The album was released in three different formats. The standard edition was issued in a jewel case and features the 10 album tracks. A deluxe edition features a bonus DVD with a making of the album documentary. The LP version of the album has different artwork to the other versions.

This was the first Kreator album to chart in the United States, debuting at number 165 on The Billboard 200 chart in the US, with first week sales of approximately 2,800 copies.

The album was re-released as the 'Ultra Riot' box set edition in mid 2010. It featured new artwork, extended liner notes, promo videos, a bonus disc with demo tracks and cover songs and various pieces of memorabilia (such as a photobook, sticker, poster and photo card).

Track listingEdit

  1. "Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)" - 5:04
  2. "War Curse" - 4:10
  3. "Escalation" - 3:24
  4. "Amok Run" - 4:12
  5. "Destroy What Destroys You" - 3:13
  6. "Radical Resistance" - 4:43
  7. "Absolute Misanthropy" - 3:37
  8. "To the Afterborn" - 4:53
  9. "Corpses of Liberty" - 0:55
  10. "Demon Prince" - 5:16


  • Moses Schneider - Producer
  • Colin Richardson - Mixing
  • Joachim Luetke - Artwork

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