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Years-Active1978 - present
Genre(s)Power metal
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Helloween is a speed/power metal band from Germany.


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In 1978, Kai Hansen and Piet Sielck formed a band they called Gentry. Some time during 1981 they descided to change the name of the band, and the name Second Hell was born. About the same time as they change their name, drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg and bassist Markus Großkopf joins the band - the later was recruited from a band called Traumschiff.

Piet Sielck descides to leave the band in 1982 to start producing records, and yet again the band changes it's name - this time to Iron Fist. Michael Weikath tries to get Kai Hansen to join the band Powerfool, but ends up joining Iron Fist instead.

Noice Records, a newly started independent label, invites Iron Fist to record a part of their new compilation-album Death Metal in 1984. This marks the change of the bands name for a third time. This time to what they are known today - Helloween. The "o" in Helloween is changed to a pumpkin based on an idea by Ingo Schwichtenberg, and the pumkin artwork that was to follow Helloween for many years to come was also his brainchild. Helloween contributed two songs for the "Death Metal"-compilation - Oernst of life and a slow version of Metal Invaders - which would later appear on their debut album Walls of Jericho.