Headbanging is� a form of rhythmic movement generally done to heavy metal or heavy rock music. It involves violent movement of the head, most effective when combined with long hair, and can be done in a variety of ways.


There are no specific 'moves' for headbanging, but it can be done in many different ways which are combined to suit the individual headbanger. Some people merely move their head up and down; this can be done with varying degrees of extremity from moving the whole body from the hips up to a fast, hard nodding of the head. Others may 'windmill' their head round and round or go from side to side.


The probable originator of headbanging was Ozzy Osbourne, who has since Black Sabbath's early days moved his head in a headbanging motion during performance. However, there is also early 70s footage of members of Deep Purple� doing some fairly extreme footage, and the action of nodding the head to music is ages old.


It is advisable to warm up the neck (and back, depending on how extreme the headbanging is) muscles before beginning, and beginners may experience extreme headaches and neck ache. However, if a person is careful and starts slowly, ill-effects can be almost totally alleviated. It is however inadvisable to headbang near hard objects especially if a person is prone to leaping up and down and going mental while headbanging.

Other than that, the point is to go for it and have fun!

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