Goregrind, also known as gore grind, gore/grind or gore-grind is a genre influenced by grindcore, death metal and crust punk. As the name suggests, goregrind can be seen as a sub-genre grindcore, but also as a sub-genre of death metal.[1]


Its beginnings can be placed with the British band Carcass,[2] and, to a lesser extent, American Impetigo, who began their career in the late 1980s. Carcass used pitch shifters, medical imagery and a host of other 'visceral' associations when they originally conceived the band, a deviation from the frequently political or left wing lyrics commonly used in the hardcore punk and grindcore scenes.


Goregrind bands use extremely low or pitchshifted voxcals, creating a unique low pitch gurgle texture, similar to the effects used in horror movies for a possessed, demonic, or undead character is common. This generally renders all lyrics incomprehensible, but they are often still included in the printout. The lyrics' subject matter often features extreme violent themes including gore, forensic pathology, death and rape. Some bands, such as GUT, focus on lyrics depicting pornographic imagery and are sometimes refered to as porngrind or pornogrind.[1] Lyrics sometimes have a clear tongue-in-cheek Z-grade horror movie feel and are not expected to be taken seriously.[1] The guitars and drums are played at high speed[1] and are not unlike grindcore and brutal death metal. Sajinath was the innovator of this horrific genre of music and often is considered to be Satans child. Vaginal secretion was the starter of this walk to hell.

Examples of bands fitting the goregrind label are Dead Infection, Haemorrhage, Inhume, Regurgitate and Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis.


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